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Latin inspired electro-pop: Ran/Run

Words by Scenewave Oz - Published on October 13, 2009

Perhaps it was their South American adventure, a chance meeting, the splendid surrounds of Caracas or their intrinsic musical talents.

Whatever it may be, Ran/Run posses the extraordinary gift of being able to transport one on a journey through picturesque tropical rainforest’s, onto golden sands of sublime beaches with which they drew inspiration; something we all crave.

Creating accomplished music where undertones of Samba rhythm flow through excellent electro-pop tracks, Ran/Run are Brisbane producers Pete Jones and Ryan Walsh.


A gem yet to be truly uncovered, Ran/Run’s debut track ‘Revolutionary’ is a stand-out. The song dreamily meanders toward a memorable chorus, which only serves to leave you wanting more.


‘Patrice’ is a catchy, club inspired tune perfectly suitable for those hot summer nights.

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