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‘No Device’ remix Indie Australia

Words by Scenewave Oz - Published on October 16, 2009

A device, in it’s simplest form, is defined as an ‘invention serving a particular purpose’. In the case of No Device, the music they create serves the particular purpose of making you sit up and take notice.

Through a plethora of remixes focusing on local indie acts combined with original tracks, No Device have carved a unique name for themselves, creating enticing, emotionally driven electro-pop.

No Device

No Device

No Device is Luke and Kurtis, a Sydney based duo that rose from the ashes of the rock outfit Erase.Release.

Coming from very different musical backgrounds, the two first met in the design room of their workplace in 2006.

Being stuck in the same room for a year they would barrage one another with their respective worlds of music; Luke with the electronic dance tunes and Kurtis with the Indie scene.

Currently working on their original debut album, they have also turned out popular remixes for Dappled Cities, Hungry Kids of Hungary and The Basics.

Recently, their amazing remix of ‘Scattered Diamonds’ was featured in the NY Post.

Free Downloads

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Lisa Mitchell – Coin Laundry REMIX

Dappled Cities – The Price REMIX

Hungry Kids of Hungary – Scattered Diamonds REMIX

No Device – We were Lions

The Basics – Like a Brother REMIX

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