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SCENEWAVE: The Week in Review

Words by Scenewave Oz - Published on October 7, 2009

What a week! What started out as a hungover idea on Sunday morning, after Brizzy Parklife, is now a fully functioning (indie.. I guess?) music blog.

Leveraging the power of social media (Twitter in particular) allowed us, and our friends, to spread the word about Brisbane’s newest music blog pretty quickly. Thanks to everyone for your tweets and re-tweets, keep it up!

With the introduction out of the way, time to talk about the stuff that really matters; the music!

Weekly Playlist

The week began with Scenewave publishing its most popular article, the Weekly Playlist. With only Marco and I, we each selected our three picks for the week.

Caught up in the hype of Metronomy, it was only a matter of time before I stumbled across ex-bassist Gabriel Stebbing’s new thing, ‘Your Twenties’. The weekly playlist saw Marco, already a massive Strokes fan, instantly froth for Julian Casablancas new single ’11th Dimension’.

Fresh Faces

Two guys couldn’t sustain the blog alone, prompting us to get in touch with a few of our music-minded friends to help us maintain the site. Enter Vignesh Bandi, Sam Hockings and Angus Thompson.

Vig shared his top five live sets with us, while Gus and Hocko familiarised themselves with our publishing platform, WordPress.

Brizzy Focus

To expand our site and bring the focus back to Brisbane, we added a ‘Local Scene‘ section, and blogged about Brisbane favorites DZ, Yves Klein Blue and Montpelier.

Scrobble much?

Yesterday we added a Scenewave widget to our sidebar. This thing is so cool. It ‘scrobbles’ all of our music and displays a real-time playlist of what we’re listening to right now!

Onwards and Upwards!

This Thursday at Montpelier’s single launch will be our first live tweet and twitpic experiment. Tune in @scenewave for live tweets, if you can’t make it to the gig.

To be completely honest, we didn’t realise how much this blog would take off! It’s been a pleasant surprise and we are all excited to see where things go in the future.

Do you have any feedback for us? Let us know, we’re always happy to hear from you.

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