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REVIEW: The Canon Logic – FM Arcade

Words by Scenewave Oz - Published on November 24, 2009

I know, I know… enough about The Canon Logic! It seems I can’t go more than a week without subtly slipping another track of theirs into a scenewave playlist. But there is a justified reason for it. Quite simply, they produce amazing music which you should all listen to.

FM Arcade

FM Arcade

These guys are masters of social media and self-promotion, utilising myspace, facebook and twitter, in particular, to spread their music far and wide. In fact it is thanks to a cryptic question on twitter that their debut release, ‘FM Arcade’, found it’s way into my iTunes library.

Here’s their cryptic twitter question. Have a think about it, the answer will be revealed at the end.

@thecanonlogic “I’ve locked myself hostage in our practice space, if I’m not back in the next few days, S-M-T-M, see you Wednesday

After two weeks of incessant rotation on my iPod, I now feel prepared to deliver a verdict! So here goes…

‘FM Arcade’ feels somewhat familiar, yet invigoratingly unique. It’s music you can dance to. It’s music you can sing to. It’s music your grandparents, friends, brothers and sisters will enjoy. Ultimately, it’s music with an uncanny quality which transcends both age and genre.

@thecanonlogic “Clue #1. The letters are names of members in the band, and one member is missing from that list. Hint: Check our myspace…”

The Canon Logic have the distinctive ability to draw on musical styling from past decades to create something contemporary and original. Throughout ‘FM Arcade’, subtle Beach Boys like harmonies abound, whisking the listener away to a world of carefree days filled with sun and surf. Sounds akin to that of The Killers combine to produce a distinctively refreshing blend of harmony driven pop rock.

The album is littered with highlights. Notably the debut single, ‘Avenue of Criminals’ and EP favourite, ‘Delia’.


How did you go? Did you manage to solve the cryptic question?

@thecanonlogic “The correct answer was that Josh locked himself in our newly acquired practice space indefinitely”

Avenue of Criminals

You can download ‘Avenue of Criminals’ for free here.

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