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Who On Earth Are Silver Columns?

Words by Scenewave Oz - Published on November 3, 2009

Little is known about these guys/girls. No myspace,, twitter or facebook… nothing. Such is the power of the net these days, one wonders that if they don’t exist on the web, do they even exist in real life?!?

Their website, however, is the closest we get to finding out a morsel of info about the mysterious Silver Columns. Unsurprisingly, that morsel happens to be an image of two romanesque silver columns. Are they a duo from Italy? Doubtful. A recent remix of ‘Brow Beaten’ by Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard suggests the UK is their likely home.

One thing’s for sure, their track ‘Brow Beaten’, which has been rapidly hitting the headlines across the blog-o-sphere, is amazing. Hypnotic, addictive and just down right awesome, ‘Brow Beaten’ is one track I can’t stop listening to.

Fans of Hurcules & Love Affair, Metronomy and Hot Chip can rejoice; silver is the new black…

Update: Yay, we’ve found their myspace! It does exist and it says they’re alive!

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