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St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival in Brisbane

Words by Scenewave Oz - Published on January 28, 2010

Only one day to go until one of the most anticipated festivals of summer! With my ticket arriving in the mail at the start of the week I could finally rest easy knowing that come Friday I’d be bombarded with sounds from some of the most popular bands of the moment. Fresh from their Hottest 100 triumph, UK’s Mumford & Sons are undoubtedly a headline act which will draw most attention.

Another Hottest 100 favorite with four entries, Florence and the Machine, is another act likely to conjure an impressive following. However, a band I’ve been raving about over the past few months, the xx, are my clear favorite.

Further down the bill are dance-punk popsters Hocky, Townsville’s folk collective, The Middle East and a band featured in this weeks playlist, Wild Beasts. Philly Jays may struggle for audience against Mumford, however they’re a band I’d love to see, just not on Friday. Likewise, Dappled Cities clash with the xx, and my choice has already been made on that one.

At this stage I’m liking Black Gold in the ten-past-two slot. However Comic Sans are a Brissy band who’d be great to see. One things for sure, there’s something for everyone and the lineup is solid all afternoon and into the evening. I can’t wait!

3 responses to “St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival in Brisbane”

  1. Fuzz says:

    how about a mention for Eddy Current Supression Ring?

  2. Tongesy says:

    Hey Fuzz, couldn’t quite make it with Florence on at the same time. How were they?

  3. Fuzz says:

    Great :D

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