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Trophy Boyfriend?

Words by Scenewave Oz - Published on January 7, 2010

For starters, who calls themselves ‘Trophy Boyfriend‘? Not least, when it’s just one guy. Is he meant to be the Trophy Boyfriend?

The ‘he’ I’m referring to is Dublin based electro musician Gregor Ruigrok. On his myspace page, Trophy Boyfriend is described as “Gregor, his guitar, a Vox AC30, a PC, several pedals in various states of disrepair and a fistful of soft-synths.”

Gregor’s love for “early 90’s guitars” is evident in Black Ships, creating an almost atmospheric sound, with intriguing depth and clarity, juxtaposed against an array of auditory-stimulating effects.

Trophy Boyfriend

Trophy Boyfriend

It really sounds like music from another era, like a stripped down version of Cut Copy.

I’m looking forward to hearing some more material. Let’s just hope it’s under a new alias!

Have a listen below and download Black Ships.

I’m Grand  by  Trophy Boyfriend

Black Ship  by  Trophy Boyfriend

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