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If you like Animal Collective…

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on April 10, 2010

For those people out there who (like me) love the weird melodies of Animal Collective and the ‘Beach Boys on acid’ vibe of Surfer Blood, then you need to wrap your listening gear around Panda Bear.

Person Pitch is the third, and most recent, solo release from Animal Collective collaborator Panda Bear. While his solo stuff has gone largely under the radar, it is a must-listen for those who enjoy the original, whimsical, vintage surf-rock sound of the Collective.

Particularly worth a listen are ‘Comfy In Nautica’ and ‘Bros’ (which is a crazy 12 minute surreal soundscape that leaves you wondering what happened to your mind, and ears J).

Get amongst it!

Panda Bear – Comfy In Nautica

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2 responses to “If you like Animal Collective…”

  1. ScottVsBright says:

    New album due out this year: 'Tomboy'

  2. tongesy says:

    Awesome news!!

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