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Get ready for a BIG BIG time at Bigsound Live 2010!

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on September 2, 2010

The Bigsound conference is coming to Brisbane!

Bigsound is the fastest-growing, most-respected meeting of musical-business-types in Asia Pacific. The top minds in the creative industry will be divulging the secrets of their success in an exciting bonanza of world-class panels, workshops and discussion groups… But who really cares?! Not me!

Big Sound

Big Sound

What has got me losing my mind-marbles, however, is the fact that Bigsound conference is teamed with a spectacular Bigsound live music showcase!

The showcase is set to be phenomenal, featuring 60 individual acts including some big names and a collection of exiting up-and-comers from all around Australia!

LINEUP: Click link for full list of performers

It isn’t in regular festival-type format either. Oh no… The event is being staged over two nights (Wed 8th & Thurs 9th, September) at a mass of different venues all over Fortitude Valley. Well, six different venues… suppose it isn’t really ‘a mass’ (can you tell I’m excited?)

$27.50 dollars gets you a one night pass (30 bands) and $44 dollars gets you two (60 bands, oh the value!) Patrons take their paper ticket and swap it for a magical wrist-band* that allows them to run around in and out of all the venues to their hearts content!!! Well, until 11:30pm, then you have to piss off home

TICKETS: Jump on Oztix

Sounds like a party? You can bet your bottom dollar, come Wednesday night the valley will be humming with lovers of good, independent Aussie music. As well as a generous helping of pretentious hipster kids.

What makes it even more special is that it is ONLY happening in Brisbane! Suck it other capital cities.

Check out the Valley Fiesta website for other exciting gigs that are happening right across next week.


Apologies for the abusive/ vicious overuse of the exclamation mark

* Bigsound wristbands are not, in fact, guaranteed to actually have any magical powers

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