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REVIEW: Two Door Cinema Club – Beacon

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on September 22, 2012

I personally didn’t think these lads could do it again. Tourist History was exceptional and one of my highlights of 2010 (what a year for music). After hearing the first single “Sleep Alone”, from their new record Beacon, I wasn’t too hopeful. It was one of those things where I’d put it on again and again and again praying that they’d delivered another “Undercover Martyn”, “I Can Talk” or “Something Good Can Work”, but I just wasn’t feeling that ‘x factor’. Eventually I warmed to it a little, although I had a sinking feeling in my gut that Beacon would be TDCC’s sophomore slump.

Anyway, reservations aside, I was never not going to give the new Two Door record a shot. And holy dooley, aren’t I glad that I did. From start to finish, this album rocks out. In an instant it was over, and I was left in a haze of catchy hooks and laos guitar riffs wondering where the last 40 minutes went. “Next Year” is one of the many highlights of Beacon, featuring seamless dynamic variations from chorus to chorus to achieve an amazing climax to finish. Hopefully these lads can bring ‘next year’ for me in style at Falls Festival in a few months.

Guitar-wise they have lost the plot completely, featuring a plethora of guitar solos, tight, catchy riffs and grungy open chords, all with a warm fuzz-tone effect. The identifiable dancy riffs are still all there, but this time they’re backed up by more depth from synths, some very heavy bass drones and a talented brass section. “Sun” brings this out particularly and is my personal favourite from the record. The horns, the riffage, the harmonies… brilliant. This track’ll be very far up there when Hottest 100 voting comes around.

The Irish 3 piece have got an amazing ability to write records that have the same vibe without sounding like they’re repeating themselves. Having said that, they haven’t at all limited themselves from moving in a different direction with tracks like “The World Is Watching”. Their 80s influence is highlighted by a staccato, Fleetwood Mac-style guitar line bouncing around in the background of a lovely duet between Alex and London-based female singer Valentina.

“Settle” oozes a care-free, summery ambiance that makes you want to jump in a car, pump it on full volume and cruise down the highway, mime drumming on the steering wheel all the way to Marion Bay. Despite being very different musically, it’s got that same feel as “Lovely Cup” by Grouplove, and you know that when you look back, that song will remind you of all the fun you had that Summer.

To be honest, “Spring” and “Beacon” haven’t really stood out to me as anything special yet, but I’ve been shown up before for writing off TDCC tracks too early, so I’ll hold my tongue.

So throw out your reservations that this is a typical sophomore slump, because it’s truly anything but. It’s 40 minutes of fun, party, indie-rock to go full-retard to on an afternoon in the sun. Nek minit see you in 3 months when it’s completely taken over your account.


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