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Weekly Playlist 88

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on November 29, 2012

Weekly Playlist 88 features Tame Impala, Panama, Purity Ring, The Mountain Goats, Ball Park Music, High Highs, Tall Ships and Radiohead.

Tame Impala – Keep On Lying

This new Tame Impala record is something else. This track has hooked me, in particular – everything I miss about 60s/70s psychedelia. RG

Panama – It’s Not Over

New band out of Sydney mixed by DFA Records producer, who also worked with LCD Soundsystem. Super catchy. RG

Purity Ring – Ungirthed

Purity Ring’s sound will grow on you. So bizarre at first, but when you’re hooked, you’re hooked. Ungirthed has got this unique dancy feeling where you never feel like you can catch up to the beat, where something’s just holding you back. Catch them in Oz this March! RG

The Mountain Goats – The Diaz Brothers

Loving these guys, especially this track. MZ

Ball Park Music – Coming Down

Beautiful, simple indie-pop. New one from their latest album ‘Museum’. RG

High Highs – Open Season

This chilled out summer number is from one of the many hot Laneway items on offer this coming February. It reminds me a bit like a more relaxed version of ‘Kingdom of Rust’ by Doves. RG

Tall Ships – Ode To Ancestors

Marco’s put me onto this one. Great new math-rock band from the UK. This one is particularly out there – a blend of carnival music with 4 or 5 part harmonies… you don’t hear that everyday. RG

Radiohead – The Daily Mail

Only discovered this one recently from their live shows. From an EP released on the sly in 2011, and it’s vintage Radiohead. Takes me back to the sound that unique sound they created around their Bends and My Iron Lung era. Absolute quality. RG

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