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Interview: Cub Scouts

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on December 6, 2012

Local Brisbane act Cub Scouts have recently released their first EP Told You So, and we were able to catch up with Tim from the band to ask a few questions about their EP and future plans.

SW (scenewave): How has your debut EP been received?

T (Tim): I’m really happy with how it’s been received, we’ve had some really nice reviews.

SW: What influences do you draw from?

T: It’s hard to pinpoint our musical influences because there are lots of different artists we listen to. Things that influence the lyrical content of the songs are the people and animals around me and the funny/good/bad things they do.

SW: Are you constantly listening to new music to seek inspiration and develop new sounds within yourself or once you’ve got your sound do you want to stick with it?

T: I don’t listen to new music for the purpose of developing my own music, but I think subconsciously that is what happens. The music I listen to has changed quite a bit and as a result, I think our style has changed a lot in the last 12 months. We’ve got some songs that we recorded just over a year ago that we’ll probably never release because they don’t really fit in with the rest of our music now.

SW: First album you ever bought?

T: Aqua – Aquarium

SW: What are your plans for touring post-ep release?

T: We’re doing our Told You So tour in December with Phebe Starr. Then we’re playing at Woodford Folk Festival and Falls in Lorne.

SW: Any pre gig routine that you swear by?

T: Haha nothing :(

SW: Who’s Evie?

T: One of my dogs, she’s a groodle and she’s perfect :’)

SW: What would you advice would you give someone yet to listen to your EP?

T: Use headphones?

SW: Beatles or Rolling Stones?

T: Beatles

SW: Strokes or Libertines?

T: Strokes

SW: Out of Chad Kroeger (Nickelback lead singer) and AvrilLavigne – which one is punching above their weight?

T: Chad Kroeger

SW: What song would you like to see featured on our next Weekly Playlist that you are particularly digging at the moment?

T: Major Leagues – Teen Mums

SW: Thoughts on Dubstep?

T: It’s pretty funny

SW: Which artist would you bring back from the dead?

T: Aaliyah

SW: Your go to album to rock out to and crank as loud as you can before you party?

T: Flume!

SW: Lager or cider?

T: Both

SW: Do you like the Office? If so, UK or US? Shoot…

T: I’ve only watched a little bit of the UK one, but I love the US Office

SW: If you could play a song from the Moon looking back at Earth, what would it be?

T: Definitely not anything by Will.I.Am

You can buy Cub Scouts EP Told You So from here, for only $4.99! They’ll also be doing some shows supported by Phoebe Starr.

Friday December 7 – Alhambra, Brisbane
Doors @ 8pm
Tickets available from

Thursday December 13 – Good God Small Club, Sydney
Doors @ 8pm
Tickets available from

Friday December 14 – Cats @ Rocket Bar, Adelaide
Doors @ 9pm
Tickets available from

Saturday December 15 – The Toff, Melbourne
Doors @ 9pm
Tickets available from

All shows 18+

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