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Laneway Festival 2013: Which Acts To See

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on January 24, 2013

St Jerome’s Laneway Festival in Brisbane is fast approaching. The day’s timetable was just released. As always, the downside of a one-day festival with so many exciting acts is making the difficult decision of who to see, and who not to see. I’ve had a think about the logistics and have listed some of the acts that should be seriously considered before choosing your own personal timetable.

Alt-J ∆ – 5:20-6:05 Car Park Stage

Their debut An Awesome Wave was my favourite album of 2012 and they are getting their fair share of hype too. The only thing that might prevent them from getting the high spots they deserve on Triple J’s Hottest 100 is the fact that they have so many awesome songs that could be voted for, instead of some bands that get one major single voted. The upside of this is that they have an incredible repertoire to choose from for Laneway, with two very different voices that compliment both each other and the music perfectly. A must-see act.

Ms Mr – 6:00-6:45 Zoo Stage

This talented group has only released a four-track EP, but all of the tracks are both sublime and epic (their use of strings is divine). ‘Hurricane’ is a standout track from 2012 for me and the lead singer’s voice is utterly captivating. As a band to look out for in 2013, I’m sure it will be worth rushing over to hear their set after Alt-J finishes.

Flume – 6:30-7:15 Car Park Stage

From out of nowhere he has shot into the limelight with a huge 2012. He is garnering a loyal fanbase and he thanks them with an amazing live show. Unfortunately, there is pretty much a direct clash with Pond (check out Aksel Nichol’s with them >, which I know will keep a lot of people up at night. Probably one of the biggest first world problems I know.

Bat For Lashes – 8:55-9:50 Car Park Stage

It took three years after Two Suns for Bat For Lashes to release their 3rd album The Haunted Man in 2012, but it proved worth the wait. They were a band I had always known but never properly listened to and I’m kicking myself for not getting into them earlier. Their use of strings and synths and the harmonies of their voices create an incredible live sound. But they have a quieter side too. Check out this Youtube comment about Bat For Lashes’ beautiful stripped-back song ‘Laura’: “In June, Natasha [Bat For Lashes lead singer] sang this song for the first time at Rock Werchter. I stood the front row. After the song, she said to me: ‘I don’t want to make you cry’. And then I smiled with tears in my eyes and she smiled back. Natasha has a beautiful voice and a perfect personality”. Let’s just say you can be sure to see me at their set, but not hanging around this person.

Divine Fits – 8:40-9:35 Eat Your Own Ears Stage

Yes, this does mean you have to choose between Bat For Lashes and Divine Fits. The lead singer of Spoon’s other project is sure to produce a stellar gig, and although the band is less known it definitely deserves some consideration. Brush up on this group before Laneway if you haven’t already.

Alpine – 7:15-8:00 Zoo Stage

Another band that released a stellar debut in 2012. Ms Mr then Alpine is a formidable duo on Zoo Stage, although you can still technically see the end of Flume before scooting over to grab the start of Alpine. Either way, Alpine is worth checking out, ‘Lovers 2’ will surely get me dancing.

Chet Faker – 7:50-8:35 Future Classic Stage

Chet Faker conflicts with Yeasayer and Japandroids. This is already a very tough choice since Yeasayer plays some of the most upbeat music and Japandroids’ new album grows on you. Yeasayer has the extra benefit of slotting in between Flume and Bat For Lashes for anyone who likes to get to the front row for some great acts at the Car Park Stage. However, Chet Faker’s husky voice and beats will fit perfectly around dusk and might just persuade me to check out his set.

The Neighbourhood – 1:00-1:35 Eat Your Own Ears Stage

I listened to The Neighbourhood when I saw they were playing at Laneway. Listen to ‘Sweater Weather’. I am guilty of arriving to day festivals an hour or two after they start, but there’s often great acts that will be missed! This is one. They will be a class way to start off the day and get you primed for a good festival.

My ideal plan:

The Neighbourhood

Real Estate

The Rubens



Ms Mr



Chet Faker

Bat For Lashes

It’s often easier said than done to race between stages to see other acts, especially when your mates aren’t as indie as you and want to stay at the one spot. But I regretted not seeing Gotye two years ago at Laneway when Wally was only 150m away. And that’s the beauty of St Jerome’s: the stages are all relatively close together, and with enough motivation you can pack a lot of great acts into your day. I’ve only mentioned a handful of artists out of a ridiculous line-up, so be sure to check out the timetable yourself.

Comment below if you think there are artists left out that should definitely be seen. Don’t keep them for yourself you hipsters.

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