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My Bloody Valentine – Australian Tour 2013

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on January 22, 2013

Principal Entertainment is honoured to announce the return of My Bloody Valentine for their first Australian tour in 21 years.

When My Bloody Valentine was founded in Dublin, Ireland in 1983 the course of modern rock music was about to be altered by a considerable seismic shift.  Led by the visionary Kevin Shields and with an arsenal that included overwhelming volume, churning guitars and a revolutionary melodic sophistication, My Bloody Valentine both completely thrilled and totally inspired a generation of fans and musicians alike.

Whilst capturing widespread attention with their 1988 debut LP Isn’t Anything, it was the release of 1992’s Loveless that saw the band strike upon the perfect amalgam of thrilling noise and melancholic bitter sweetness giving rise to My Bloody Valentine as the undisputed leaders of the alt rock movement known as shoegaze.

After touring the landmark Loveless in 1992 and under the weight of expectation to produce a follow up to what many consider the most quintessential guitar album of the 90’s, Shields and Co literally disappeared from view and remained largely so generating a crescendo of  mystique and anticipation until their triumphant return to the live scene in 2008.

Featuring Kevin Shields along with Bilinda Butcher, Debbie Googe and co-founder Colm Ó Cíosóig, My Bloody Valentine’s long awaited return to Australia will bring with it both catharsis and release for a legion of fans that have waited the best part of their lives for the return of one of the most thrilling guitar bands of the previous century.

Principal Entertainment Proudly Presents:

My Bloody Valentine

Australia 2013

Tickets on sale Thursday 18TH October 12PM

Monday 18th Feb- Enmore Theatre, Sydney 

Wednesday 20th Feb- Tivoli Theatre, Brisbane

Friday 22 Feb- Palace Theatre, Melbourne

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