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Andrew Wyatt_Descender_20.02.2013

Miike Snow frontman, Andrew Wyatt, drops track from solo album, ‘Septimus’

Words by Scenewave Oz - Published on February 21, 2013

Today the frontman from Miike Snow has announced he’s releasing a solo album named Descender. The set date for release is the 15th of April, with the album featuring a raft of goodies for all.

These include a 75 piece Czech Republic Philharmonic Orchestra, cameos from The Libertines guitarist, Anthony Rossomando, former member of Interpol, Brad Traux and John Herndon of Tortoise. Group these elements together, add Andrew Wyatt’s vocals, and we should have a recipe for an interesting solo release.

Word has it, that he’s pushed aside the insatiable pop touch from his Miike Snow antics, and has ventured to the dark side of the moon.

Check out, “Septimus” here on Soundcloud!

Track listing:

1.  Horse Latitudes

2.  Harlem Boyzz

3.  Cluster Subs

4.  She’s Changed

5.  And Septimus…

6.  It Won’t Let You Go

7.  Descender (Death of 1000 Cuts)

8.  In Paris They Know How to Build a Monument

9.  There is a Spring

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