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Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’ to be launched at the Wee Waa Show

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on April 9, 2013

Now that’s a title I never thought I’d have to write. Jesus H. Christ. To those that haven’t heard, after speaking with triple j, Daft Punk has confirmed that they’ll be launching their new album Random Access Memories at the Wee Waa show on May 17.

Now the internet’s been riddled with Daft Punk trolls for the last three years, but unless triple j is the victim of one of the most ridiculous and best executed pranks in music’s history (I assume French accents are harder to impersonate than the royal family’s… too soon?), it looks like this one’s legit.

“We’re still pinching ourselves. We don’t know why, but why not?” Wee Waa Show president Brett Dickinson told triple j.

They just wanted somewhere that was different to what Daft Punk does. They’re known for breaking down barriers and being creative and Wee Waa is uniquely Australian so they just said lets go to Wee Waa. Amazingly our show is on at the same time [as their album release].

Well to quote the great words of the 12th man, he sounds like he’s shitting bricks, Tony.

Triple J has reported that the playback of the album is expected to happen at sunset with a series of accompanying visuals, but other details remain secret.

Stay tuned for what promises to be one of the most amazing and bizarre events in music history.


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