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An endless pit of discovery

Words by Scenewave Oz - Published on May 31, 2013

Personally, it’s hard to stray from the pestle and mortar of guitars and drums. It’s what I know.

However, on my musical voyage through Europe I’ve started to explore – through friends, artists and scaling the web – an endless pit of discovery. This ‘pit’ has lead to the unexpected introduction to a range of musical genres spanning dance and house (deep) through to nu disco and indietronica.

Berlin had a massive impact on nurturing my new found fondness of these genres. A fondness that snowballed in the depths of southern Austria at Snowbombing recently. This may or may not have reigniting a spark for my love of artists back at university days – artists like the The Avalanches, The Presets and Cut Copy to name a few.

All in all, my experiences have inspired a mix of tracks which hopefully you can crank at your party and you can sort of fuse, “a bit of flash dance with MC Hammer shit.” EXPRESS YOURSELF.

Disclosure – ‘When A Fire Starts to Burn’

Two young A levels UK musicians bringing UK Dance music back to the mainstream. Their releases are some of the funkiest tracks in recent times with their album, ‘Settle’ dropping Monday next week. Having had a preview listen, it’s not only going to jump to No 1. it’s a game changer.

Is Tropical – ‘Dancing Anymore’

From the moment we were sent this, it grabbed my attention. A very repetitive track, but give it a few listens and you’ll be pressing that repeat button. If you want an eye opener check out this tracks music video. Oi oi oi!


Turning heads and melting dance floors across the globe, this electro pop outfit has mastered the art of massive choruses, and glorious melodies. This track is one to add to their how make a catchy tune catalogue.

DVWLX – ‘Get Out’

Only a hand full of listens on Soundcloud, and I’m not sure that’ll be for long. He’s out of Manchester and has some serious skills on the decks and some chronic wab wab wab. This track grabbed my attention from the outset.

Eats Everything – ‘The Withywood Walk’

This guy has an incredible ability to build levels, textures and a knack for dropping irresistible dance floor beats. A must on any party playlist this track is a classic example of how this snack happy DJ can transform a dance floor into a foaming pit.

Letherette – ‘Warstones’

Possibly the catchiest song I’ve heard all year. An infatuation from my first listen, it has had me playing their debut record on repeat and I’m sure it’ll be on repeat for many years to come. It does have it’s slow points, but when a track like, ‘Warstones’ or ‘After Dawn’ drop you’ll be moving. Guarantee it.

Maceo Plex – ‘Can’t Leave You’

All I can say is this lad out of America has changed my outlook on this genre of music. The album, ‘Life Index’ is just full of energy and although this track doesn’t feature on it, rather on his EP, it’s hard not to tap your feet and get all jiggy. I can guarantee that a night with Maceo Plex will be one of sonic proportions and some more.

Classixx – ‘Jozi’s Fire’

A simple instagram pic posted by Flume had be discover this gem. One listen through the album and this track was a stand out. Simple very simple, but I tell you what effective. Probably the greatest thing is that it takes me back to overlooking the wonderful beaches on the Adriatic Sea in Croatia.

Daft Punk – ‘Giorgio by Moroder’

People have mixed reviews on this album, I enjoyed it immensely for what it was. On my very first listen, this was the stand out track (besides the song of the year, ‘Get Lucky’. Obviously). Getting the Italian dance maestro to drop his touch on their album, it was always going to be something huge. If you can put up with the introduction, which for me is quite humorous, then you’ll be on a discovery, similar to Discovery.


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