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Downtown Tracks set to launch emerging street artists campaign

Words by Scenewave Oz - Published on May 20, 2013

Across the world we have all been exposed to an abundance of street artists. Some of them are rubbish. Some of them are okay. Some of them are simply sensational, making your daily commute one filled with vibrance and enthusiasm. I’m sure you’ve thought to yourself once in your life, how aren’t these raw talents donning the nearest music venue in front of thousands.

Joshua Harper and his website Downtown Tracks out of Sydney, have set out to find street musicians/emerging artists, film them in an unconventional space, using high quality audio/vision to tell their story.

“These people need to be known. They need to be celebrated. They all come here to do one thing. Music. And that’s what Downtown Tracks is here to do.” ~ Joshua Harper

Their social media campaign starts this week, with a handful of promotional videos already launched to promote their campaign.

Get behind this great movement and check out their website here.

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