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Guy Milner Debut EP, ‘Into the Midst from Above’

Words by Scenewave Oz - Published on May 4, 2013

This a sensational story from an ex Lawyer whose driving passion for music has lead him to give the big beefy Botham’s to the corporate world and release this stellar EP, ‘Into the Midst from Above’

A little quote from Guy says it all,

Up until a few weeks ago I was a Sydney solicitor whose life was insolvency law and billable hours. ¬†After having a “life’s too f*!%ing short!” epiphany, I’ve resigned from my job to do something I actually want to do, make music.”

Take a listen to this EP which ranges heavily across genres striking elements of The Streets swagger, embodies everything that an attitude of 100% passion for music bleeds and a unique sounds and landscapes that are far beyond someone that has dropped this fresh into the music world. This Sydney lad, warrants far more attention than the number of listens on soundcloud report and upwards is the only path I can see him take.

Heavy synth throughout, with, ‘Getting older….with you’ exploring this, a tune that am digging massively is, ‘Give me Mine’. Take a listen and share with your friends as i’m thinking this is name that may be known in a years time.

Check out his debut EP here!

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