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folly and the hunter vultures

Weekly Playlist 95

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on May 21, 2013

Weekly Playlist 95 features new tracks from Folly & The Hunter, Parquet Courts, Magic Man, Smallpools, Little Comets, The 1975, Still Corners and Is Tropical.

Folly & The Hunter – “Vultures”

Beautiful track. Check this entire album out. Great for early morning runs/bike rides/late night road trips.

Parquet Courts – “Tears of Plenty”

If you didn’t get the message last week, we’re massively into these guys. This one is straight out of the Strokes’ textbook.

Magic Man – “Paris”

Makes me wish it was summer again…

Smallpools – “Dreaming”

See above. Another Neon Gold signing, gotta love those guys.

Little Comets – “Jennifer”

Little Comets have been dubbed the British Vampire Weekend, and as ‘kitchen sink indie’… what the fuck does that mean? I’m leaning towards more of a Maccabees vibe. Not to be confused with the Jennifer that poops at parties.

The 1975 – “fallingforyou”

Standard heavy lyrics from these lads. Suits the deep, resonating synth and Matt Healy’s brooding vocals. The second single from their upcoming EP IV.

Still Corners – “The Trip”

Marco recently posted about these guys, and now, I too, can’t get enough. Guitar like The Cure’s “Plainsong”. Love the extended solo.

Is Tropical – “Dancing Anymore”

This NSFW music video is SFW. You can solve that riddle yourself… Killer pre’s tune.

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