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Miami Horror: Fri, Feb 7 @ Oh Hello

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on February 9, 2014

Client Liaison are rising stars in the Australian electro scene and they’re currently touring with local heroes of the genre, Miami Horror. The duo, comprised of Monty Morgan and Harvey Miller, channel an 80’s synth pop vibe not only in their music but their performance and image as well. I’m talking pastel coloured suit jackets and haircuts you’ll see only in your dad’s photo albums (assuming your dad is Prince). Musically, it’s easy to draw comparisons between the Melbourne lads and the likes of British icons Pet Shop Boys.

In the first leg of the tour Client Liaison put on a damn fine set and looked damn cool doing so. Punters at Oh Hello in Brisbane on Friday night were loving it as waves of nostalgia flooded the venue. With only a few released tracks, the majority of the set was new to me, but still a blast. The guys finished strong with their latest release “Free of Fear” which dropped late last month.

The crowd was in all sorts after Client Liaison and it wasn’t terribly difficult for Miami Horror to pick up where they left off. Like Client Liaison, the indietronica four piece is also out of Melbourne and boy it’s good to have them performing back in Aus. Originally starting off as a solo effort by DJ Benjamin Plant, Miami Horror now also consists of Josh Moriarty, Aaron Shanahan and Daniel Whitechurch. The boys have kept themselves busy; in the last year they’ve been playing gigs abroad, featured in Grand Theft Auto V, and released two spectacular singles, “Real Slow” and “Colours In The Sky”. Both from their forthcoming LP.

Set to drop in autumn, their latest effort follows on from 2010’s Illumination, and if Friday’s set is anything to go off, then fans have a lot still to look forward to. The performance of course featured the usual suspects, “Holidays”, “Summersun”, and the like. Predictably the crowd favourites (and admittedly my own) were “I Look To You” and “Sometimes”. However, despite the catalogue of awesome releases from Miami Horror’s past, the majority of the set was unreleased tracks. But even though the songs were unfamiliar and the audience was deprived of being able to sing along, they were lapping it up all the same. A strong testament of the quality of the tracks coming our way.

While we wait for the inevitable awesome, those in Melbourne and Perth can catch the last two tour dates next weekend. Miami Horror play on the 14th at The Corner Hotel, and the following night at Amplifier. For the rest of us, just sit back and listen to this ear sex.

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