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Live Review: Glass Animals: Thurs, 2nd April @ Oxford Arts Factory

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on April 5, 2014

I was mesmerised. The soothing guitars and polished synth had my mind transfixed onto the psychedelic wonder of Glass Animals. They are the latest UK trip-hop quartet, and taking the world by storm with their peanut butter vibes.

There was only one support act, Bree Tranter, and there was a long period of time between her and Glass Animals; I feel it would have been great to have another support act in there as well, especially considering all the local talent. Maybe it was just because I enjoyed it so much, but the night seemed to pass by pretty quickly. Bree was brillant though. Subtle bass and drums layed the platform for her sky high vocals. She’s ex-Middle East, and going strong in her solo career, scoring support slots with Matt Corby and Oliver Tank.

Then came eruptions of enthusiasm from the crowd as Glass Animals took to stage. Although lacking the brilliant feature artists from “Woozy” and “Holiest”, by sandwiching the newer tracks in between “Psylla” and “Gooey”, Glass Animals put on a riveting show. They wooed the crowd, packed tightly into Oxford Art Factory, which was full as a fat girl’s sock thanks to the sold out gig.

The stage added to the bands mystical and trance inducing vibes, with grey smoke shrouding the band for a lot of the performance. Lead singer Dave Bayley would emerge from the mists and send his echoing voice through the mic.

The set was fantastic. I could not have asked for any more from them, and they seemed like they were having a pretty good time on stage which is always good to see. If you ever have the chance to see these guys live, I highly recommend.

Their first LP, Zaba, will be out in June, so get very very excited people.

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