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Album review: Fishing ‘Shy Glow’

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on June 6, 2014

Words by Roger Ma

It’s been a long time coming for Sydney electronic act Fishing to finally release a full length album. The duo consisting of beat makers Russell Fitzgibbon and Doug Wright have been around the local live music scene for quite a few years, and their ecstatic live shows have given them a dedicated following, both abroad and at home. Having only released a handful of their own songs and remixes over the Internet, it’s about time that Fishing release Shy Glow.

Listening to Fishing’s debut, their unique take on electronic music is instantly recognisable to the ear. Their unique genre/sub-genre of electro production is one that’s hard to describe, but is ever-growing in popularity thanks to the sudden rise in Australian electronic music (we’re looking at looking at you, Flume.)

If you’re familiar with Fishing’s organic samples, liquid electro intertwined with rap, and happy beats then you might be surprised to learn that a number of special guests make appearances on the album. Jonas Nicholls from SURES, Marcus Whale from Collarbones, Alister Wright from Cloud Control, and Lavurn Lee of Guerre all provide guest vocals on the album, and feature on some of the standout tracks.

Your Mouth (ft. Jonas Nicholls) shows off stronger pop elements than the rest of the album, and the track is a definitely highlight. Opening with repetitive guitar riffs, summery vibes set the stage for Nicholls’ vocals to soar above, with an extra layer of the signature Fishing sounds of distorted vocals, organic beats, and great samples. It’s really unique stuff.

Alister Wright from Cloud Control makes two appearance on the album, lending vocals to Ninteen / Boy Wunder and Nova Current, both of which are slow builders and feature Wright’s voice in a drawn out, distorted manner.

Overall, Shy Glow lays out a really varied assortment of tracks. From instrumentals featuring distorted vocals, to Marcus Whale’s rapping, to chill-step dance tracks, there’s never a dull moment. Fishing have created a particular sub-genre of electronic music that is warm and welcoming to get into.

Shy Glow is a strong debut, and it only serves to confirm their place in the Sydney-centric Australian non-EDM electronic music scene. They certainly don’t just do the same thing over and over, and each of the 11 tracks add a wonderfully well-produced new colour to the overall scope of the album. Organic sounds, interesting vocal samples, and numerous guest vocalists assure that they stand out from the rest of the crowd – it truly glows, and there’s nothing shy about it.

Shy Glow is available now.

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