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Album Review: Fishing ‘Shy Glow’

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on July 14, 2014

Words by Kathleen Warren

After years supporting some of Australia’s top electronic acts and cementing their place as true up-and-comers, Blue Mountains duo Fishing have created a debut album filled with the undeniably cheery energy of a neon bouncy ball popping in pink lemonade. Written over their many overseas jaunts, Shy Glow seamlessly flows from track to track to create a carefree and catchy soundscape that will have you longing for summer holidays and a trip of your own.

Old friends Doug and Russell have been part of the Sydney music scene for years, with last year’s effortless single “Choy Lin” following a long stream of releases and mixes that infuse driving beats with liquid synth lines. Their years of experimentation and exploration have paid off, producing a debut album that both confirms what we hoped Fishing could achieve and promises even more to come.

The album is a mix of electronic instrumentals that propel you on waves of groove, and collaborations with a diverse number of artists, including Cloud Control’s Alister Wright and Lavurn Lee, aka Guerre. These collaborations are some of the stand out tracks from the album, including “Nineteen/Boy Wunder”, an upbeat dance number that features falsetto pops with powerful bass undercurrents.  “Choy Lin” is clarity through distortion, a slowed down exercise in production control with precise and gorgeous results.

This same control is evident in my favourite from the album, the fluid and velvety “Voss”. In the comedown after “Nineteen/Boy Wunder”, “Voss” starts with the type of instrumental line fit for a Mad Men elevator scene. This surprise first layer of sound not only sets the oh-so-suave tone but provides a level foundation for the boys to build thick layers of syncopated beats, showcasing the carefully constructed production Doug and Russell do so well.

The pair have described their LP as “an eclectic delight that never holds on to any one idea for too long”. Shy Glow is a rare blend of fresh sound and well-practised production, an exciting vindication for all of us who’ve been telling people about Fishing for years. Don’t miss out.


Friday, August 22 | The Factory, Maroochydore, QLD
Address: Sunshine Plaza, Horton Parade, Maroochydore
Tickets: From venue

Saturday, August 23 | Bowler Bar, Brisbane, QLD
Address: Coniston Lane, Fortitude Valley
Tickets: From venue

Friday, August 29 | Cats @ Rocket Bar, Adelaide, SA
Address: 142 Hindley Street, Adelaide
Tickets: From venue

Saturday, August 30 | Shebeen Bandroom, Melbourne, VIC
Address: 36 Market Lane, Melbourne
Tickets: $12 + bf:

Saturday, September 5 | Newtown Social Club, Sydney, NSW
Address: 387 King Street, Newtown
Tickets: $12 + bf:

Saturday, September 27 | The Causeway, Perth WA
Address: 243 Albany Hwy, Vic Park Perth
Tickets: From Venue


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