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Hey Geronimo Takes Over Trainspotters + New Album

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on July 7, 2014

Hey Geronimo Takes Over Trainspotters, three gigs curated by the lads of Hey Geronimo, kicks off this weekend on Saturday, July 12, with the remaining shows to follow in August and September. The event’s at Trainspotters, and features the likes of My Own Pet Radio (the solo project of Sam Cromack from Ball Park Music), Bilby, and Born Joy Dead. Oh yeah, and it’s free.

Pete Kilroy, lead singer of Hey Geronimo, had a chat with us last week about the motives behind the event. He had this to say, “We love this place. We’re there all the time. We wanted to show people that there’s great venues outside of the corner of Brunswick and Ann Street.”

The artists themselves are some of Hey Geronimo’s favourite Brisbane, indie acts. “There’s so many talented bands that struggle to gain attention. It’s a hard industry to get into, and we’re in a position where we can show people how awesome Brisbane music is, and how awesome these bands are.” He added, “Young unknown bands are the most innovative because nothing is just given to them.”

It’s another positive step for Brissy’s growing music scene. Bands helping bands. “It’s so frustrating when you first start. Getting a gig seems like the hardest thing in the world. Kinda like the “you need experience for this job” conundrum, but there is nowhere for you to get the experience,” Pete said. “Everyone’s in this together, and we feel like we should help out.”

Pete also confirmed that Hey Geronimo would be headlining the final show in September. What’s equally exciting is that he hopes the third show will coincide, roughly, with the release of the band’s debut album. The album itself, which is written but yet to be recorded, is set to be more darker and varied than the band’s previous work.

“There is a lot more ebb and flow with the album tunes. With the EPs we just wanted them to be 15-20 mins of non-stop energy. Regarding the album, that’s the last thing we want because it would be too hard to listen to over the longer format. We’re actually using The White Album as a bit of a template. Preliminary tracklisting is seeing one of Ross’s new songs (that can only be described as psychedelic-hardcore), butted up next to a 6 minute ballad that you might find at the end of a Dan Kelly record. Will be interesting to see how that plays out.”

The reasons for this, Pete stated, were the band’s early music videos which went viral around the globe.

“I made those vids in order to get some attention (because we were coming from nothing and had no other way to do it). I also think we’ll probably move away from that sort of video making. It was a double edged sword – fantastic for overseas exposure, but people talked about the videos more than the music. Because of the way we started, I think 18 months later, we’re still not taken that seriously. That’s sorta why the new album is a bit dark and a bit more varied. We want people to actually listen to our tunes, rather than taking the band at face value.”

Hey Geronimo Takes Over Trainspotters kicks off this Saturday at Trainspotters, 270 Ann Street. Free entry yo.


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