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Q & A: Olympic Ayres

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on July 1, 2014

Sydney based genre-mashing electro-poppers Olympic Ayres are dropping their much anticipated EP Leisureplex on September 18. They’re also ‘previewing’ the EP in full live mode at Goodgod Small Club on July 12! They took a turn away from computer-based soundscapes for their new EP, opting instead for live instruments – so a live show is going to be pretty damn great.

They’ve been featured on Triple J, Triple J Unearthed, FBi Radio and Channel V, and have been the recipients of some pretty epic hype thanks to the musical blogosphere. There is no doubt that Olympic Ayres are getting ready for something big.

Nathan, one hald of Olympic Ayres, took some time out of his schedule to answer some of our questions…

1. Hey, thanks for doing this Q & A. What are you up to today (besides this obviously)?
No worries, just listening to the first mix of what will be one of the next tracks on Leisureplex

2. What are the three most important things that we should know about you?
The foundations:
– we are from Sydney
– we started making music in an attic
– we started writing on GarageBand

3. Describe your first ever gig….
Extremely nervous! We couldn’t believe we even got booked to play a show. I had a dream the night before that no one turned up. Thankfully the show went really well.

4. What are your earliest musical memories?
Sitting in front of the stereo listening to Tupac’s Dear Mama and thinking it was the deepest shit I’d ever heard. I was probably about 4.

Prior to that, probably just Sesame Street.

5. What was the recording process like for Leisureplex? Was it different to earlier recordings?
We stayed away from sounds within the laptop.  Apart from a few samples it was all outboard gear and real live instruments; a result that proved really rewarding for us personally.

6. Do you have a set process for writing tracks? How does it work?
I’ve started to view the writing and recording process like sculpting. At first it’s just a big boulder of mess – a draft. And bit by bit you begin sharpen the features of track giving the art more (or less) clarity in whatever it is that you’re trying to (sonically) portray.

7. Which track on Leisureplex are you most excited about and why?
The next (untitled) single, it just ticks a lot of our vibe boxes!

8. If you could collaborate with anybody, who would you choose and why?
I just finished reading David Byrne’s “how music works”. Super impressed with the way he was able to articulate his thoughts on music.  He’s up there for sure as one to collaborate with.

9. What are you listening to at the moment?
The new Mac Demarco album’s pretty good!

10. What has been the single best moment of your musical journey so far?
Just realizing people actually enjoy what we’re doing and want to hear more…
And being on FIFA 14 haha, bit of a childhood dream.

11. If you could curate your own music festival, who would be on the line up?
Sampha, TEED, SBTRKT, Jungle, Kendrick Lamar, Gorillaz, Tame Impala

12. If you made “Olympic Ayres: The Movie” would it be a comedy, western, horror or sci-fi, and what is the plot?
Definitely a SCI-FI, Leisureplex would feature as an intergalactic location where aliens from all over the universe come to have a good time.

13. Pick two songs you’d like to cover?
The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby
Coldplay – Clocks

14. What do you like doing when you’re not playing music?
Play basketball, go to the beach, drink with friends!

15. Besides your upcoming show at Goodgod and the EP release in September, what else have you got planned for the year?
Our own tour to accompany the year and hopefully a few more special shows to share the new music.



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