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Introducing: Tiny Little Houses

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on August 11, 2014

The raw fuzz that descended on my bedroom was not unlike that of television static. Layered through this, jangly guitars and an earnest Elliot Smith-esque voice brought the delightful crescendo of emotional lo-fi pop to my immediate attention. The single “Every Man Knows His Plague And You Are Mine” from Tiny Little Houses has garnered similarities to Neutral Milk Hotel and I could see why.

It certainly is promising, and after listening to “Every Day I Wake I Find a Reason Not To” and their demo “Lonely People,” it seems they’re certainly on the path to maturing into a well-rounded band with a unique sound, gaining something unique and identifiable along the way. It only grows better with every listen:

Having already received national attention courtesy of Triple J Unearthed, there’s no doubt that Tiny Little Houses are a band to watch this year.

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