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Live Review: Twenty One Pilots, August 10 @ The Zoo

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on August 12, 2014

American alt-pop duo Twenty One Pilots left nobody sitting in silence at their Brisbane leg of their Quiet is Violent World Tour this past Sunday night. The duo, comprising lead vocalist Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun, played an energy filled twelve song set at The Zoo, supported by local musician, D at Sea.

D at Sea, aka Brisbane local Doyle Perez, opened the night with songs of his latest album Anchors and Diamonds. Perez served as a wonderful opening act, engaging the audience and bringing them from the bar to the floor in preparation for what was soon to come. With his catchy songs, chilled stage presence and humor, D at Sea is an artist to watch.

The house lights dimmed as two masked men took to the stage. The sound of the cheering crowd gave way to Guns For Hands filled the room. The stage remained dark and masks stayed on until the third song Ode To Sleep, during which the band revealed their faces, much to the squealing delight of the audience.

They weren’t lying when they said, “We’re gonna give you everything we have!” Joseph crisscrossed the stage almost as fast as he sung, drawing the whole crowd into the show. Whether it be through incorporating a cover of Brown Eyed Girl into their song House of Gold, or getting hundreds of feet off the ground with a simple shout of “let’s go!” There wasn’t even a moment of silence or stillness.

Twenty One Pilots are not only honest in their lyrics, but in their stage presence. If they weren’t slapping drums with glowing drumsticks, they were slapping the hands of the singing (screaming) fans squashed against the stage. And the crowd more than returned the energetic favour. Not one lyric went by without being echoed through the room as each and every audience member joined the choir.

Before announcing their final song of the night, Joseph took a minute to talk to the audience before setting the stage alight once more with Car Radio. The entire room raised the roof in unison during the iconic mid-song piano jump.

After a brief break, the band came back out once more to end the night with a bang (or should a I say splash?) as the audience held water-topped drums above their heads as Joseph and Dun played Trees.

Individually Joseph and Dun are exceptionally talented; together, as Twenty One Pilots, they’re a force to be reckoned with. Their music is like no other, their lyrics refreshingly raw and honest. There is no doubt that this show, and this entire tour, was just a peak into the success which is yet to come for these boys in Australia and beyond.

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