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Single review: Jane Tyrrell “Wild Waters”

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on August 3, 2014

Singer-songwriter Jane Tyrrell has been quietly making waves in the Australian beatmaking scene for some time now. As vocalist in hip-hop collective The Herd, as well as being featured on tracks including Urthboy’s “Shruggin’” and Horrorshow’s “In My Haze,” she’s become a respected female voice in a largely male-dominated genre.

Finally, under the wing of Aussie label Elefant Traks, Tyrrell is set to unleash her debut solo record later this year. If first single “Wild Waters” is anything to go by, we’ve got a lot to look forward to from the Melbourne artist.

The track opens with a basic beat and quietly brooding piano chords. The simple melody works a treat, showing off Tyrrell’s vocal stylings. Her tone is effortlessly rich, with a faint husk and a gorgeous ring. The staggered entries of guitar, drums, and synth begin to fill the space between beat and voice, and the sensual atmosphere grows with deliberate caution.

The drums rumble and the guitar simmers, waxing and waning beneath the endlessly elegant melody. Slowly but surely, the track climaxes. Layered vocals and shimmering beats peak with impressively restrained chaos – although a part of me wishes it continued to flourish beyond that point.

“Wild Waters” is an impressive, promising first effort from Tyrrell as a solo artist. The cinematic structure of the track is compelling and refreshing, and her forthcoming album will undoubtedly place her in a well-deserved spotlight.


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