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Single review: Wafia, ‘Let Me Love You’

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on August 22, 2014

Wafia has released a stunning cover of Let Me Love You, a 2004 hit from R&B star Mario – and let me tell you, this is worth a listen. Or ten.

After coming to attention with her gorgeous crooning on Japanese Wallpaper’s 2013 track Breathe In, the 21-year-old Brisbane native has been hard at work on her sophomore EP – and Let Me Love You is our first taste.

The delicate track opens with a soft beat and looped vocals, while synth layers and melody entering at a slightly staggered rate. The vibe and vocals reminds me of AlunaGeorge actually, but with more soul, more depth and less of a bubbly pop-sensitivity.

It’s a fairly minimal track, the kind of tune that is indebted to the simple yet crucial addition of rich, warm bass. Quick beats, smooth synths and a honey sweet melody combines to create something really groovy – and a particularly unique cover.

The track was produced by Jack Vanzet aka Thrupence, and mixed and mastered by Andrei Eremin, the man behind the likes of Chet Faker and Oscar Key Sung. Eremin’s fingerprint is becoming more and more recognisable, with that signature mix of bluesy, soulful melodies and down-tempo electronic beats finding their way onto records and airwaves throughout the country.





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