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We know Gabrielle Aplin is heading to Australia…. but why?

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on August 21, 2014

Words by Hope Scott

It has been an incredible year for English singer/songwriter Gabrielle Aplin, who has taken Australia by storm after her album, English Rain, sky rocketed to number one on the charts this past month; along with her single Please Don’t Say You Love Me.

While Australia just can’t get enough of Gabrielle Aplin, it seems like she can’t get enough of us! Fresh off her sold out Australian tour in June of this year, Aplin announced she’s coming back. While she’s yet to announce what she’ll be up to down here, we think we might have a pretty good idea what she’s got on the agenda. Here are our five guesses:

1. She and her dog, Zippy, look adorable on a beach… And guess what we have a lot of?


2. To bring back her lovely picnic gigs, though there may be a few more people there this time

3. To dig through some more record stores and chit chat about some inspiring music.

4. To see if Kochie can pronounce her name this time!

5. Need I say more?


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