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EP Review: Lauren Glezer ‘Searching for Tall’

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on September 11, 2014

One of the latest singer-songwriters to emerge from Melbourne’s folk scene, Lauren Glezer is set to debut her luscious first single and accompanying EP Searching for Tall. A stint in India, and a period of sickness inspired her to craft an EP ‘from her soul’ as she puts it.

Her first single This Living is a lesson in unapologetic simplicity. It’s easy to realise from the first listen how much music means to her – the lyrics piece together a sombre ballad. Her range in the song is not huge, the beat is not powerful, nor the hook particularly addictive: yet this track has so much purpose, not to mention style. It is a song to be enjoyed and comforted by. The accompanying video clip, shot by Edwin Tedjokusumo, contrasts the frustratingly mundane day in the life of a suit wearing corporate figure with a blissfully innocent young girl. Wonderfully introspective, it asks us whether we are doing what we dreamed of as kids – something not many of us can attest to.

With the expertise of her long-time band including Ryan Monro, (bassist for The Cat Empire,) the rest of the EP manages to size up to the considerable shadow of the opening single. A smattering of syncopated drums makes an entrance in Like Woe and, backed by sweet accompanying vocals, is another folk indulgence.

It is compulsory to listen more than once – in many of the songs the sheer simplicity can be almost infuriating, as the anticipation of a rise in tempo or energy can leave you yearning for more. But a few listens in, the subtle but powerful beauty shines through, and all is forgiven. This is especially so in Searching For Tall and This Living. Her voice adds diversity in the subtly crafted Waves. Airy with almost a country twang, it develops into one of the best tracks of the EP. At times the EP can almost seem orchestral – with elements of strings lifting her voice to even higher heights.

Final track Not The One is the most raw, stripped back of the lot. Almost entirely acoustic, it is a fitting end to the EP – showcasing her voice in all its richness.

It is quite simply a brilliant debut from Lauren Glezer. Its simplicity is its best asset, and speaks of great things to come from another local Melbourne singer-songwriter.

Tour Dates:

WED 10 SEP | ACOUSTIC SOUP @ THE CO OP, CANBERRA ACT  | ALL AGES  | Tickets available at the door
SUNDAY 28 SEPT | THE EVELYN HOTEL, MELBOURNE VIC 18+  | Tickets available at the door

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