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EP Review: Orphans Orphans ‘What’s A Boy S’posed To Do?’

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on September 25, 2014

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of this “supergroup” of Brisbane musos here, but they keep on givin’ and we keep on lovin’! Orphans Orphans have just released their debut EP, What’s A Boy S’posed To Do?, and if you’ve been paying attention, it’s as fast paced, unique and just plain cool as you’d expect.

Debut single Orphan kicks off the EP with it’s in-your-face-attitude. Orphans Orphans wear their influences on their proverbial sleeves, but the tracks are so good you don’t mind. The punchy tune, with searing guitar and thrashy cymbals, is a statement track that shows them leaving their respective bands out of this. They mean business. This one is sung by Moses Gunn Collective frontman Aidan Moore, and is just as rad live as it is on the recording! Nostalgic, but not too much, this was the perfect introduction to the new group.

Second single, Lighten Up Your Day follows in similar . Sung by Spencer White, with his Lou Reed-esque voice paired with a brilliant, sort of psychedelic/70’s revival backing vocals. Again, the soaring guitar solos and punchy drums make for a fast and seriously cool track. As the track builds to the explosive chorus, the track will firmly set itself in your summer soundtrack. Taking You Alive is even more rockier than the previous two, but takes a step away from the slack-rock, jangly feels. Instead, they’ve replaced with a bold as fuck guitar riff and strutting drum beats. The song is huge, with distorted vocals and just enough “ooooh”s and claps to keep away from the pop realm,and ending with a scorching, blistering guitar solo that takes the song to a whole other level.

What’s A Boy S’posed To Do is a solid body of work that shows each member in a different and surprising new light. Showcasing their different influences and abilities outside of what they were probably pigeonholed as, each track is impressive and oozes cool (but maybe that’s just my infatuation with the current semi-psychedelic 60’s revival that seems to be rearing it’s head more and more these days speaking). If this band was made for songs that didn’t really have a home, they’ve definitely found one now – and in my humble opinion I think they’ll have a home for some time to come.


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