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Live Review: Megan Washington, August 30 @ The Zoo

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on September 2, 2014

The doors to The Zoo opened and the room quickly filled with undercuts, jackets and floral print dresses, all of which were ready to experience the glory that is Brisbane artist Megan Washington. It was the final show of her tour, and we were delighted to hear a range of old and new tracks – including some debuts of songs from her forthcoming album There There, which comes out September 12th.

First to the stage was Gold Coast musician Josiah, followed by Teeth & Tongue. Alternating between their guitars and keys, both acts performed powerfully, filling the room and overpowering the chattering voices. Although a majority of the lyrics were lost in the music, both artists gave it their all.

The crowd roared as the queen of cool took to the stage with her hands in her pockets, slicked-back hair and dancing heels on, heralding in her closing show of the tour. The shoes stayed on, but the jacket only lasted three songs before being removed, much to the delight of the wolf-whistling audience.

Washington owned the stage; opening with new lead single Limitless. Although the speakers blared, it was Washington that brought the power. The crowd quickly progressed from head-bopping to body-shakin’, dancing along as we heard music from the entire span of her career – and what’s to come in her very near future.

The grooving crowd was brought to a standstill while she spoke about the writing process of the album. She told the story of how she wanted to write songs with meaning, so she wrote Marry Me; a song about ‘being engaged, then not being engaged’. After Marry Me, she mused, the rest of the album in three weeks; and with an emotion provoking performance like that, I can see how.

A personal highlight of the night was when Washington took to the piano as she mentioned a Sydney fan’s song request – although she’d been preparing to play, she’d forgotten to perform it at her last show in Sydney. And with that, my fourteen-year-old fan girl was released as she began playing an acoustic rendition of her 2010 hit, I Believe You Liar.

Washington finished the night, and her tour, with a bang; bringing her band back onstage for encore of How To Tame A Lion. Megan Washington is a performer who not only showcases incredible talent and stage presence, but one whose music truly reaches you. Whether you the golden oldie up in the back, or the twenty year old in the front row; she’s got you hooked.

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