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New single: Crooked Colours ‘Capricious’

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on September 9, 2014

Perth’s Crooked Colours are doing a really good job at staying way ahead of the game. We all know that it’s an exciting time for Australian electronic music, but it’s guys like this that remind me why: it’s different, it’s captivating and it’s sexy as hell.

Capricious is dark, edgy and hypnotic. It’s almost unnerving at times, with layer upon layer of varied beats and synth kicks, all pieced together by a simple melody that is way, way too cool for school.

There’s a sort of arrogant depth in this track that we don’t hear in Aussie electronic anywhere near as often as we should. It’s the stuff of smoke-filled Berlin warehouses, of late nights and sweaty bodies.

There’s so much going on beneath the surface here. It’s the kind of track that you need to turn up as loud as you can, and play it a few times over to pick up on every nuance, every synth trickle, every swift yet brutal bass-heavy punch.

Capricious is our first taste of Crooked Colours’ sophomore EP, due out later year. They’re flirting with a much darker sound this time, and all I want is more.

Catch Crooked Colours on tour next month:



I originally wrote this for Indie Shuffle

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