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New single: NOIRE ‘Those Days’

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on September 25, 2014

Self-described upcoming ‘dream-pop’ band NOIRE have hit the Sydney scene with their second single Those Days. It’s not hard to see why they opted for the label ‘dream-pop,’ and it sure is fitting. Lead singer Jessica Mincher’s vocals are airy and wispy, threatening to evaporate into thin air at any moment if you stop paying attention. It winds its way through equally dreamy guitar delays and an appropriate dose of an intriguing harpsichord to create a sweetly understated pop melody that lingers after the final note is struck.

Recorded with ARIA awarding winning producer Wayne Connolly, the track is polished by one of the most accomplished producers in the country. Delicate and haunting, NOIRE with their latest single will be a welcome addition to the Surry Hills Festival this Saturday. Be prepared for the trio to drop some cutting tunes through the crowds.

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