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New single: Robert Muinos ‘I Was Dreaming’

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on September 10, 2014

Although the name Robert Muinos may not sound familiar, it certainly should. While it may be his debut under his own name, it’s not his first. Muinos is better known as one of Melbourne’s soul outfit Saskwatch, and member of Dorsal Fins. Featuring as a back-up singer and guitarist, he took time out of what was a busy and emphatic year from Saskwatch (including an infectious Splendour set) to record this solo single.

It appears it was certainly worth it. A rousing harmonica serenades the beginning, whisking away the listener to a definitively Australian context. It cannot escape the feel of a song that you belt through the radio on a scorching day, driving with the window down along the highway. Beautifully balanced, the slap of heavy drums and muffled voice of the guitar of which he is so adept at, reminds us he has travelled this road many times.

The disarming simplicity of the hook ‘I was dreaming that you were dead’ ties the song together, as it dips and crescendos, much like a conductor to his orchestra. It shows early promise for a budding solo artist, who, if he is to continue to produce stuff of this quality, will soon be making a pretty big name for himself.

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