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Upcoming artist: Lucas Chambon, ‘Citadel’

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on September 20, 2014

French producer Lucas Chambon has just dropped a new EP, Instinct. It’s three tracks of mid-tempo beats and ambient, soundscapes. While he’s better known for his funky remixes of Notorious B.I.GMiley Cyrus and The Fugees (which collectively have more than two million Soundcloud plays), his original work is really worth a listen.

First track off the EP is “Citadel.” Straight away, you can hear that Chambon has a knack for infusing bright, upbeat house rhythms with glistening synths and wicked beats.

Slow, broad synths start it off. Slowly – ever so slowly, layers begin to build, and the track starts to form. When the beat eventually kicks in, it’s like a funk-laden slap to the face.

You’re really able to get carried away by the hypnotic synths and airy loops hidden among the main rhythm. There’s a cool, retro vibe to this track, particularly around the slappy bass. This is the perfect balmy late-night tune.

If you dig this, head to Chambon’s Soundcloud for the full EP and his other remixes.

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