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Q&A: The Babe Rainbow

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on September 25, 2014

Slack-rockers Tomorrows Tulips hailing from the US are headed to Aussie shores this month for a string of highly anticipated shows. Going along for the ride are purveyors of psychedelic goodness, The Babe Rainbow, who took the time out of building studios in bookshops and working on a farm to answer some questions for us!

First of all, what’s the story behind the band name, The Babe Rainbow?

A: It’s a piece by the Beatles favourite artist Peter Blake, he’s a pastrutalist pop artist. You’d like it I reckon.

How did the band form?

A: Over the rainbow bridge in my everything garden.

What are some of your influences or inspirations to get to your psychedelically magical sound? What is the creative process of the band – do you all work together on tracks?

A: 1966: An Historical Romance. We all share the same mind.

There are a lot of different instruments in your tracks – who plays what?

A: I play the troubadour of consciousness. Dr. Elliot Love Wisdom plays bass guitar and yodles (vocal harmony pt.C). Kool-Breeze plays guitar, sitar, esraj and oboe, mandolin, didgereeedoo, viola, tumbi, clarinet, fiddle, flute and harpsichord (vocal harmony pt.B).

Can you tell me about your creative space? You made a studio of sorts in a bookshop, didn’t you?

A: The ‘peace eye bookstore’, Dr. Love Wisdom’s final trick, it’s akin to an onion, 10,000 layers, think Danger Diabolic’s lair.

I have to ask – the name Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest: where did that name come from?

A: A recipe book by Mollie Katzen.

Your video clips are so unique for what else is coming out around this time – where do the ideas come for those? Do you have any particularly favourite clips that you have made?

A: Clever clover and the collective think-tank. They’re just tiny little self-portraits, you know, like a dinner party. Love Forever was the puzzle we’d had the pieces to for a long time but our new video from “Planet Junior” is going to turn you on [stay turned, on].

What can someone except from your live show if they haven’t seen you before?

A: A little dance-y groove. G7 into the forest melody.

You had a tour in the middle of this year – any particular highlights from that? Any crazy fan experiences?

A: Jersey cow cream in our coffee, coal coast tahini, yeast flakes, wild gooseberries, sell-out shows. Yeah that way far-out slum acyd goddess Ken Turkey from Hallucination Bay WA front row every show, no shirt.

My favourite track is Love Forever, can you tell me a bit about that track? How did it come about?

A: It goes D minor, F, G to the A7. I met Dream Baby.

You’re playing with Tomorrow’s Tulips this week – how did that happen? What are you most looking forward to from these dates?

A: Brought to you by friends of the earth. Chewing the cud with some Californians.

What is still to come from The Babe Rainbow?

A: Your mother should know.


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