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Single Review: Mono, ‘Recoil, Ignite’

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on September 25, 2014

Holy hell. I did not see this coming.

Japanese postrockers Mono have unveiled the second single from forthcoming album Rays of Darkness, one of two companion albums, alongside The Last Dawn.

As I wrote in my review of first single “Where We Begin,” the tandem albums are opposing: one is light, one is dark – both thematically and musically. Additionally, Rays of Darkness is the first Mono album in 15 years featuring no orchestral instruments at all.

So, what are we left with? We’re left with “Recoil, Ignite.”

Easily one of their heaviest, darkest tracks ever, this is a wild chase through a charred, blackened forest. Every atom of light in “Where We Begin” has been twisted and deformed in this doomy, manic rampage. Glorious soundscapes make way for unsettling bass lines, wailing guitars and frantic percussion, swiftly spindling into neurotic chaos.

I’ve probably scared you right off listening, but show no fear. Turn those headphones up and jump deep into the lagoon.

As emotionally disturbing as this is, it’s their very ability to conjure something so strong within you that makes this band so great.

(I originally wrote this for Indie Shuffle)

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