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Single review: Morning Harvey “T.I.D.E”

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on September 2, 2014

“T.I.D.E” is the latest single from Brisbane five-piece Morning Harvey, and it’s sure to kick some chirpy nostalgia into your day.

Following the success of earlier single “Girl Euphoria (Come Back To Me,)” Morning Harvey’s smooth blend of churning rhythms and engaging melodies create the kind of tunes that instantly get stuck in your head – but in a good way.

From the very first tambourine taps and those bright, nearly-psychedelic harmonies, I can tell that I’m going to enjoy this track. The soundscape is quickly filled by rich, soaring guitars, a catchy beat and an energetic melody that transports you back to the very best of ‘90s feel-good guitar rock.

Morning Tide know what it takes to write a simple yet solid rock song. It’s got all the makings of a radio hit and a festival must-see; Basic instrumentation, straightforward structure and an uncomplicated, memorable, awesomely sing-along-friendly melody – sounds kinda boring on paper, sure. But they’ve taken something simple and have done it so well. With an original flair, sophisticated production and an incredibly catchy melody, this song simply works.

PS (I also wrote about this track on Indie Shuffle)

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