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Album Review: Roman Flüegel – Happiness Is Happening

Words by Scenewave Oz - Published on October 10, 2014

Roman Flüegel dropped Happiness Is Happening a month ago and it’s taken me one listen to put my words to paper.

This album is simply Beautiful. Atmospheric. Engaging. Tense (at) times; so fitting. All bundled into a ten incredible track LP.

It takes you on a musical experience like very little this year. Winding it’s way like a some of the best penned poems and engages your brain in such a way that has you thinking of places and people from all walks of life. Take a break, grab a decent set of headphones and press play. Roman Flüegel is a cut above the rest. A clear knack for balance throughout, a wobbling abundance of breakbeats and drum patterns this is for any occasion.  Close to Pantha Du Prince’s – ‘Black Noise’ for me. 

‘Friendship Song’ along with ‘Tense Times’ and ‘Occult Levitation’ are serious note worthy tunes but it’s ‘Wilkie’ and ‘Parade’ that have me putting this long player on repeat (apart from the creepy alien voice at the end of the former.)

Click on the link below to discover:

Thanks Pete for the ever amazing musical recommendations!

Track listing:

  1. Connecting The Ghost
  2. Friendship Song
  3. Stuffy
  4. Your War Is Over
  5. Wilkie
  6. Tense Times
  7. Parade
  8. We Have A Nice Life
  9. Occult Levitation
  10. All That Matters
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