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New remix: Glass Animals’ ‘Psylla’ (Feki Remix)

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on October 20, 2014

Glass Animals were one of my greatest discoveries earlier this year, and hearing wonderful remixes of their gorgeous tunes really is a delight. Here, Brisbane producer Feki has reworked their track “Psylla,” and the results are a glistening blend of smooth melodies and heavy beats.

Opening with vocal layers only, the track begins to build, while an increasingly strong bass begins to creep its way up, slithering beneath the growing rhythms.

Big beats and glitchy samples make this track a lot fuller than the original. Where Glass Animals bask in their seductive subtlety, Feki has added so much colour and richness, filling each gap with a unique new sound, and designing a whole new atmosphere.

The track can be found as part of a compilation albumĀ on Alaya, availableĀ here for download.

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