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New video: Don Vitale ft Midas Gold – ‘Chop About It’

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on October 15, 2014

Brisbane legends Bedlam Records seem to just have a knack of making some damn good music, and the latest tune to come out of the studio is no exception. Chop About It is the latest efforts from local hip hop artists Don Vitale and Midas.Gold. If you’re like me, you stray far from anything that has “local” and “hip hop” as an introduction, but this track and these artists are a refreshing step away from the usual rap on the airwaves.

Legend has it, Don Vitale (of The Hated) simply got in his car and drove from Byron Bay to Bedlam, where he was greeted by Gold and producer Brayden Doig. Things happened, and Chop About It was born! The rad video clip came not long after, and was filmed in the Bedlam studio and around Brisbane.

You can catch both of these artists at some pretty cool parties coming up, if you unfortunately missed them on the current tour with other Bedlam alumni, Jon:


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