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New video: Eekkoo & Casper Whirlin (ft. Sailor & I), ‘Elysium’

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on October 1, 2014

The other day I posted a new track from Canadian producer Eekkoo. Elysium is a grinding, dark electronic track with a scaly, slithery bass and a haunting melody.

For a little background info, Eekkoo, who is also a sound engineer, is based in Montreal and was discovered by electronic heavyweight Deadmau5, who went on to sign him to his own label, Mau5trap Records. Elysium is a taste of Eekkoo’s forhtcoming EP, Hell Is Other People.

Now, we’ve got a video to match. Featuring a starkly lit set of backdrops and a simple yet powerful continuous shot of a man walking with headphones, we’re transported to a city of tunnels and bright lights. Until, that is, a lone woman starts walking in the opposite direction. Are they looking for one another, or are they two strangers in the same place?

Watch here:

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