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5 Reasons you should head to Listen Out

Words by Scenewave Oz - Published on August 4, 2015

1. Childish Gambino

Because 3005.

2. The vibess

With Splendor having come and gone yet again, many attendees will reminisce on the amazing music, friends and partying. However, there are also the bad memories. The mud-in-every-crevice, the freezing cold nights, the comedowns, the hangovers, that guy that stole your flask, the fight you had with your best friend, the hundreds of strangers listening to your favourite band and saying “This is shit, let’s go.”.

Listen Out promises more. It promises to keep you warm and fuzzy. You may return to your own sweet doona, cuddle up drunk and high and still happy. It promises to let you shake that ass, shimmy, squirm and thrash your heart out. Quality dance music. Quality Punters. With all the comfot of a one day festival.

3. These people:

4. It’s in YOUR city

You don’t have to buy insanely expensive flights to somewhere that you don’t live! Catering for Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney means that your quadrant of Australia is probably host to one of these (Sorry Tasmania).

5. Trap city bitch

No this guy won’t be there, but there’ll be some mean trap music in the form of Norweigen badass Lido.


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