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Review: Purity Ring @ Berghain, Berlin November 2015.

Words by Scenewave Oz - Published on November 22, 2015

Usually it takes about this long to recover from a session at this monstrosity of a club, but this time it was something completely different.

Purity Ring live at Berghain was not to be missed, and the masses all had the same outlook, with the gig selling out in advance. 

Not catching the support act, we rolled in an unusually calm fashion, as all other times we didn’t have a golden ticket to enter. The place is definitely a venue which would be incredible to play in, clearly indicative of the banter being thrown from Megan James the front woman stating “You’re so lucky to have such a venue”. 

Not wasting anytime, they jumped into ‘stranger than earth’ off this years release another eternity. An incredible opening tune, with the intensity being felt through the speakers when the chorus drops. 

An impressive stage design had lights draping from ceiling to floor illuminating multiple colours which James used to create an atmosphere of mystique. Another great additive were the electronic drums attached to the decks also glowing when hit, and the huge bass drum on the back wall (only used once in the show), but clearly a representation of the album cover.  

Push pull, ‘bodyache’ and ‘fineshrine’ by far standouts from their set, with the energy and intensity really being amplified by the incredible sound system in the venue. At times though, it felt like you could push the lead singer aside and just let Corin let us have it with his exceptional talent behind the decks. Definitely a standout act from the last year with their new record nothing short of amazing, we walked away from the show content (alas short) and motivated for another Purity Ring gig in the future. 

Photocredit: Guifre de Peray

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