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Internship – Social Media / Marketing

Are you creative and have a passion for music?

Are you seeking an exciting, new-age internship over the summer holiday, within an organisation that allows location independence?

If any of the above pricked your ears, allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re Scenewave, a music blog/content space that is beginning its resurgence in the Brisbane live music market. We don’t like average, nor do we believe in traditional. Heck our other job is a start-up called Fourbars which is bridging the gap for talented local musicians to find paid gigs. You will also have opportunities to gain experience with this project too!

We’re eager to push the boundaries on the type of content produced by Scenewave. As an organisation we firmly believe in nurturing and developing the skills of those involved. So let’s get into it!

About us

Scenewave: Brisbane’s top ranked music blog on Google. Having interviewed the likes of Harts, Bloc Party, Cloud Control, Foals and Local Natives – we have formally made some pretty big waves in the music scene. Scenewave has taken a back seat for the last 12 months during the non-festival season as we shifted focus to work on Fourbars. We are now gearing up for a new strategy that will be partially shaped by you. Better yet, we’re planning to remain active in the midst of the live music madness all year round!

Fourbars: A digital start-up aiming to re-invent how live music is managed and discovered. The journey so far has seen us organising gigs at the likes of The Flying Cock, Farrier Bar & Supper Club and The Limes Hotel Rooftop Bar. It sets out to solve the pains of finding gigs for artists and managing gigs for venues. There will be opportunities available to gain experience in this organisations environment.

Positions available: (see other listings for details)

  1. Journalism/creative writers/PR
  2. Videographer/photographer
  3. Graphic designer/Front end web developer (WordPress)
  4. Marketing manager (social media) – Instagram/Snapchat/Facebook
  5. Event management/Operations

What you get from us?

There will be the opportunity to work within two organisations. A fast paced start-up and a modern, innovative content space who is going to be taking on the Australian market.

About Position 4 – Social Media / Marketing manager

The modern marketing environment is moving at the speed of light. We want to show you what the future holds for a marketer and how to reshape your thinking to assure you are constantly learning. Besides giving you the exposure to a start-up and its marketing strategy, you will have the opportunity to build your skills and exposure to specific platforms, and to really understanding the underlying mechanics of how technology is used to connect individuals.

What we want from you:

It’s crucial you are driven to better yourself. Our organisation has a core set of values that you must possess in some form. These values are what dictate our strategy and assist us to assure we are always striving towards our common visions and goals. We value passion and ambition. We believe that people are the heart of our business and therefore are at the forefront of every decision we make. Ownership of work and ideas is also one of the most important qualities we value. Some attributes we look for:

Internship Format

Here’s the kicker, the internship is un-paid! (Sucks right!?)

This is your chance to prove yourself in the professional world. We will supply the environment and the technical knowhow for you to develop your skills into real life assets. It gives you the opportunity to experience firsthand what it’s like to be in a new age organisation that challenges traditional thinking. We will invest our time and knowledge into developing your skills into relevant industry specific tools that will help you in the future. Let’s face it though, we would prefer you didn’t go anywhere. We cover expenses of attending gigs/festivals and any extra work related activities you’ll be doing. We also assure there are opportunities for you to expand your skillset and challenge yourself.

Your exact role and responsibilities will vary based on skills and goals.

Day to day management of work:

We use a range of project management tools and you’ll be expected to use these with competence (specific tools will depend on your role). We’ll give you the required training when you start.

Some of our tools include:

Trello, Slack, Asana, Basecamp (depending on role and responsibilities)

How to apply

Please email – the following

We will aim to respond to applications within a few days. Shortlisted applications will be selected for a face to face catch up before a final hiring is made. Don’t worry – these “catch ups” aren’t formal, so we encourage you to relax and be yourself.

Applications close: 26/11/2016

Start date: 5/12/2016

Good luck and best wishes!

Scenewave Team