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Classixx vs Hype Machine – Best of 2013 Mix

This time every year Hype Machine celebrates the most-blogged music and the most-loved tracks of the year on their site. We thought Classixx’s debut record Hanging Gardens was grand so we’ve decided to share this stellar Best of 2013 mix they’ve put together.

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listen out festival

Listen Out 2013

Listen Out is the new event from Fuzzy, the masterminds behind Field Day, Parklife (RIP…), Harbourlife and Shore Thing. They’re selling it as just a chilled out sort of party sort of vibe… and to be honest it sounds pretty cool. Hopefully it weeds out a few of the dickheads. Fingers crossed that hard gainers […]

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An endless pit of discovery

Personally, it’s hard to stray from the pestle and mortar of guitars and drums. It’s what I know. However, on my musical voyage through Europe I’ve started to explore – through friends, artists and scaling the web – an endless pit of discovery. This ‘pit’ has lead to the unexpected introduction to a range of […]

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