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Best Sydney Gigs: Early August

I can see it in your eyes. They’re calling out to me. Saying: “Help me! I’m in desparate need of some sweet live tunes. I can’t take these crappy laptop speakers anymore.” Well, don’t you despair. I have some great news. Your neighbourhood is hosting some killer bands this month, so come fill your earholes: Lepers […]

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Harts “All Too Real” – Scenewave Sessions

The first of our Scenewave Sessions took place at the all new Waterloo Hotel in Newstead, featuring new Melbourne act Harts. Darren Harts is a talented young musician, who’s recently released his debut EP Offtime, and it’s absolutely killer. It’s essentially like listening to a record in a time machine, with influences ranging from every […]

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Interview: Harts

We caught up with up and coming indie-electro-funk (oh yeah!) artist Harts last week at the all new Waterloo Hotel. His EP Offtime has very recently been dropped, and this Melbourne act has big things to come. Get involved and enjoy our chat with this very down to earth and passionate musician. Harts is currently […]

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